Origami Quilt Blocks

April 30th, 2012

Today, through techniques of origami quilt we will learn how from individual blocks it is formed smething more by the size and with an unexpected design. Fabric Origami Quilts Recently, quiltmakers have started to fold fabric, origami onto a quilt like an applique, or the folded fabric itself is a block within the quilt. This video shows you how to make your own freezer paper template for piecing origami animal quilt blocks. Resembling an origami paper sculpture, the Pretty Bird quilt block is a must for your garden quilt design. I have been finding some time most days to work on this newest quilt. Not as much as I want, but the project is proceeding. How to make a Block Folding (3d origami) piece.

Origami Quilt Blocks

  • Its quite easy to create your own models, and the result is very beautiful.
  • The iridescent shimmer and rich look of silk dupioni make it one of my favorite fabrics for Tanabata origami quilt blocks.
  • Craftybear My name is Karen and I live in Indiana, USA. I love to surf the net to find cool craft projects, recipes and all kinds of stuff.
  • Combines the traditional arts of origami, sashiko, and flower arranging to achieve dazzling, three-dimensional effects never seen before in quilting.
  • This origami box, Pyramid Box, is folded using a total of 2 square sheets of origami paper, one used for the base and the other used for the top cover.

More information about Origami Quilt Blocks on the site: http://www.quiltblockpatterns.net

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