Origami Envelope Cd

June 15th, 2012

In order to practice true origami, you How to Fold a CD Envelope. Customizable origami envelopes of all sizes from Zazzle. Make Amazing CD Paper Case / Envelopes – Origami Trick. Looking all over your room for a CD Case or Pouch. Don’t . Make yourself one with a piece of printing paper. I know a few functional origami forms, the most useful being some boxes, a few CD envelopes and a smaller (square) envelope. The best origami CD/DVD envelop in the world.

Origami Envelope Cd

  • To make an origami envelope, just follow the steps Faire ses enveloppes soi-meme, c'est facile.
  • Origami Envelope Gift Tags: Make a cute gift tag by folding your message into a little envelope.
  • How To Make an Origami Envelope 1,622 Views.
  • Sometimes we burn discs to our friends and colleagues.
  • But not always we have free CD case available.
  • Are you looking for origami envelope? This page provides new information on origami envelope.

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