Origami Chairs

July 25th, 2012

Cardine is a folding chair formed with only 1 sheet of plastic and two pairs of Velcro. Korean designer Sooin Kim developed this awesome origami chair called Cardine. Origami-Chair – How to origami a table and chair : Watch this origami how to video and learn how to make an origami table and chair. This 3D Origami, A Real Chair, is created using a lot of patient and time. Uploaded by michal1996wp on Aug 6, 2009 origami chair Category: Science & Technology Tags: origami chair License: Standard YouTube License. If you thought the Stick Chair made you nervous, I dare you to put your weighty, ahem, self on this Origami chair designed by Jo Han-Yong. Fold the origami in half to make a rectangle.

Origami Chairs

  • page 1: Instructions to learn how to make a traditional origami chair.
  • Instructions to learn how to make origami chairs.
  • There are many variety of origami chairs presented here.
  • These ornaments, Origami Chairs, each of the chair is folded using a single square sheet of origami paper.
  • Chair By Perry Bailey 1997 1. Fold over then unfold.
  • 3. Fold both sides in to the center again, then unfold and turn over.

More information about Origami Chairs on the site: http://www.e-potpourri.com

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