Holiday Jewish Origami

March 31st, 2012

Jewish Holiday Origami by Joel Stern gives instructions on how to make Jewish themed origami. These include a menorah, a torah, a shofar, the four sons, and more. interesting craft ideas for Jewish holidays, find that origami introduces Jewish children to their heritage with an activity they enjoy. Observe Purim with a handmade megillah or a hamentash. Create models of the four sons for Passover, and fashion a scroll for Simchat Torah. Christmas designs like Santa and elves makes the perfect Christmas Origami Ornaments. There are stars and dreidel for the Jewish holiday.

Holiday Jewish Origami

  • Make ornaments like origami stars, poinsettias and angels for hanging on a tree.
  • Machine Embroidery Designs Christmas Embroidery Design: Jewish.
  • NB: This is a simplified version inspired by an original pattern from Joel Stern’s award-winning book Jewish Holiday Origami.
  • Glittery Star of David This pretty Jewish holiday symbol can be decorated in any Purim Origami Activity – This is a Purim origami craft.
  • Jewish Holiday Origami contains original origami designs for the Jewish holidays.
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